BizTalk HotRod !!!

BizTalk HotRod magazine fifth issue is released! Here is a link to download.

BizTalk HotRod magazine fifth issue explains.

  • BizTalk v/s Dublin – Clear differences and when to go for what?
  • Unit Testing in BizTalk server 2009 – BizTalk server 2009 supports out of the box APIs for Unit testing no more dependent on BizUnit. Explains how to test Maps, Schemas, and Pipelines.
  • BizTalk and Sharepoint – Explains a scenario on how both can make the existing systems better. This is targeted at non BizTalk and SharePoint developers.
  • An example to show how BAM can be utilized for monitoring WCF service- *good one*
  • SOA governance tools – Explains SOA governance tools such as AmberPoint and CODIt can add a business value