Remove Orchestration Instances

Not able to remove Orchestration Instances from BizTalk Administration Console ?

If you are facing issues to Purge\Remove all Orchestration Instances in BizTalk, then there is one quick and dirty way to do it.
Execute the stored procedure msgbox_cleanup_logic.sql from the location $\Program Files\Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006\Schema

Note: Microsoft doesn’t recommend to use it on production server as this will delete all instances.


BizTalkCop – Static Code Analysis for BizTalk

If you are use to FxCop for code analysis for .Net projects and searching for similar tool for BizTalk, then you have a good news, BizTalkCop!

BizTalkCop does a static code analysis on the assemblies. It can be used with BizTalk server 2006/R2. I have not tried with BizTalk Server 2009. I will update shortly.

You can download BizTalkCop from Here.