Windows Azure AppFabric Test Clients

AppFabric Service Bus Send and Receive Test Clients help development and testing of Queues, Topics and Subscriptions features of Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus.

Two clients are developed to send and receive messages to\from AppFabric Service Bus.

Currently, these clients are developed on Windows Azure AppFabric SDK v1.5 September Release and available for download at
Walkthrough to use Test Clients

Send Client

Connect to AppFabric by clicking on menu File>>Connect. This action opens a Connection Explorer.

Choose Service Namespace from dropdown if the settings exist in NamespaceConfiguration.xml located in application folder. If not, enter credentials to connect to Windows Azure AppFabric.

Choose Communication Object and list to connect

Enter a message in Message tab and set message properties in Properties tab. Click on Send button to send a message.

Receive Client

Choose a Communication Object and Queue\Topic and Subscription list from dropdown.

Click on Poll Button to receive messages.

Click on Message Id in Received Messages to view message and its properties.


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