MS CRM 4.0 BizTalk Adapter

Today I got a chance to look into the latest updated version of MSCRM 4.0 BizTalk adapter for integrating MS CRM 4.0 and BizTalk.

MSCRM 4.0 BizTalk adapter is one of the coolest adapters provided by Microsoft for integrating MS CRM 4.0 and BizTalk. This adapter is not developed on WCF LOB adapter framework.

If you are thinking to write your own adapter for integrating BizTalk and MS CRM think again by exploring the features of this adapter. This adapter is used to Send the data to MS CRM from BizTalk for Create, Update and Delete operations. This adapter can be used in a very similar way as File adapter. Auto generate schema for the entities (includes custom entities) is the coolest thing. This saves a lot of time for building the schema and validating the message.

Lacking features

1. Cannot Publish the data from CRM. This adapter can be used as Send Only. Adapter cannot handle call outs of MS CRM. This can be done by developing the Custom App and Integrating to it.

2. This adapter cannot do multi- create\update. Need to use Orchestration to create individual message for incoming multipart message.

Follow the link to download the adapter